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Bittu Abraham & Associates is a firm of experienced Chartered Accountants, established in Trivandrum as an Auditing & Accounting firm. We are backed by a team of well experienced professionals qualified in the field of Auditing, Accounting, System Audits, and Management Consultancy. Our experienced professionals deliver seamless and consistent services wherever our clients operate. Our mission is to help our clients and our people excel.

Bittu Abraham & Associates has adhered very strictly to the highest professional standards and has gained the confidence of the business communities in which it operates.

Besides audit and assurance services, we provide accounting services, internal audits, feasibility studies and preparation of project reports, information system audits, business valuations, company formation etc. We follow the Accounting Standards prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and are committed to keep the highest levels of professional standards and quality.

Our service philosophy:

Bittu Abraham & Associates’ audit approach is geared to your specific needs and will be executed according to the high standards on which our clients and other users of financial information can fully rely. We focus on areas important to your business and understand the challenges you face. Our objective is to ensure that resources of the organization are used optimally so as to deliver maximum possible value. We focus to help our clients in streamlining processes, avoiding wasteful expenditure, cutting costs and in objectively measuring management and staff performance.

Personal involvement:

Every client, regardless of stature, can count on the personal involvement of a Chartered Accountant. This  is central to our service philosophy and delivery of the desired results.

Understanding your business:

We assemble teams who specialize in the respective industry of the client. Our client-service team meets with the financial and operational managers to develop a detailed picture of the particular business and its objectives. We work with you to identify high-risk areas and develop constructive ways to control that risk. We communicate regularly and provide information in a form you can use to make effective business decisions.

Specialized support:

The team that will serve you is always supported by skilled professionals. We provide expertise to meet your particular needs, and to advise on emerging issues in financial reporting that may affect your business or on reporting and disclosure regulations required by the statutory authorities.

Advanced audit technology:

We use latest computer technology to support and complement our audit approach. While working on your audit, our team uses audit techniques and audit tools that increase efficiency and promote standardization. Our comprehensive audit system supports all phases of the audit process – planning, executing, and reporting. We use latest innovative audit software that contains tools for analyzing, documenting, managing, communicating, interrogating, extracting, reviewing and presenting the audit process.

Proactive approach:

As business advisors in a complex environment, we add value by anticipating change – not only by identifying emerging risks for your business, but suggesting new service needs as well. Our objective is to assist you in identifying and understanding of risks and uncertainties that affect your business and to help you address the growing public interest in corporate accountability. We believe that this strategy, based on a combination of substantive audit procedures and control review, will provide you with high quality service.

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